Yeray Enrique Falcón Alfaya.

Montaje, sonido, elaboración musical, fotografía y blog.

To wake up every morning
to face new challenges
to beat them
and to get beaten up
to get up.

To walk forward
to discover new things
to cry
and to realise there are more reasons to laugh
to be alive.

To add memories to your life
to consider the past
to build from it
to live the present
and move on.

To make plans
to realise life thinks on its own
for your own good.

To be prepared
to know how to wait
to be aware
to choose the right moment
and jump.

To spend years without living at all
to live it all at once.
To happily give it all
to lose it
to be left empty
and restart.

To try to understand life
to think about it
to talk to your pillow
and live without understanding.

To exist
to walk
to run
and most of all
to live.

To create
to enjoy
to suffer
to dream
to sleep
to smile
to live
and to be thankful for what you've got.

To miss
to be missed
to remember
to dream.

Those who have a why
can face the how
that's for sure.

That's the essence of life
at least, mine.